Win Log Inspector

Win Log Inspector

Welcome to Win(dows) Log Inspector

Win Log Inspector is the ultimate log monitor for Windows; it listen for all changes of a local or remote file (typically is used for monitoring log events) that display to the user.
It is basically an improved tail software for Windows which display thanks to an enanched view all the current progress of a log file.

Remote connections supported are http and ssh protocols (pointing on a unix machine).

Win Log Inspector features:

  • Tail a local or remote file (http and ssh protocols are supported)
  • Proxy supported
  • Autoscroll to the end of the file everytime it changes
  • Configurable layout
  • Different color usage between log level (DEBUG, INFO, ERROR, etc..)
  • Ease of use

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Win Log Inspector is a freeware project that is developed in personal time. You can show your appreciation for Win Log Inspector and support future development by donating.