Project WAAMP – Windows Audio Modular Media Player

Project WAAMP



Project WAMMP is distribuited on github, follow the link page and then click on the wammp_(ver).zip hyperlink to download the binaries.

Download link

Read carefully before download

Due to a boring MS protection, before launching for the first time the executable you may need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on “more info” and choose to run anyway
  2. Once the file is unzipped, navigate to “plugins” directory and unblock the dll inside


Unblock dll


Display | Tracklist | Tempo | Podcast


W.A.M.M.P. (Windows Audio Modular Media Player, aka WAMMP) project is a pluggable player for windows. It can features a lot of tools for musicians and music listeners as well

Despite there are many music player around, WAMMP project aims to stand out from the pack by following these lines:

  • lightweight
  • extreme modularity
  • flexibility
  • ease of use


WAMMP audio processing workflow

WAMMP support plugin architecture; installation is very simple, just copy the plugin dll on plugins directory and all the required libs on the wammp folder.

With Tempo plugin for example, it is possible to slow down music or change the tone is playing on real time.

Encoder plugin give the user the possibility of saving all the mixed audio output on the desired format (ex. mp3) and relistening it on any player.

Example of Encoder plugin saving playing track modified by tempo plugin

Encoder plugin


WAMMP can read streamed radio content online. Hold Shift key while pressing play button or press “Shift+O” to open url window