Tomcat – Configure remote debugging

The following hints allow to do remote debugging on tomcat using Java Platorm Debugger Architecture (JPDA).

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Configure Tomcat for remote debugging

Basically, it is enough to edit startup file (which can be startup.bat or under tomcat bin directory, and adding the following lines, for example below the set local command.



Finally, edit the call to the executable by adding “jpda” before “start” statement:



At this point start tomcat on the usual way.

Configure eclipse for remote debugging

The procedure for configuring eclipse for remote application is extremely simple.


Start tomcat with the above configuration, then on eclipse do the following steps:

  1. Select project to debug
  2. Choose “Debug configurations..” on Debug menu
  3. On “Remote Java Application” left menu, click “New Launch Configuration” button
  4. On Connection Type, select “Standard (Socket Attach)” combo item
  5. Type on the listening port (on the above tomcat configuration, was 8000)
  6. Click on Debug and start listening

That’s all!

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