Regex – Extract filename from path

Use Regex to extract path or filename

To extract path without filename, or extract only filename, there are many regex possible.

Surfing through the net I have found some interesting solution:

Extract path without filename

Extract only filename

Notice that this will work even on filename without any extension

Extract extension of filename



  1. I am Trying to extract full filename from the complete path + filename.

    But The problem of the above regex “\w+(?:\.\w+)*$” it doesn’t execpt _ (underscore) in filename

    And I cannot use this in dos format string.



    These are the to sample string I would like to extract full filename

    Thanks for you reply

  2. From your sample string, the issue is due to ‘-‘ char that is not included in the regex.
    About the underscore character, the \w+ can include it depending on the system you run regex.

    Try the following with your two examples above.




    Best regards
    Starred Mediasoft

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