Amiga – How to change keymap layout on Workbench 1.3

How to change keymap layout on Workbench 1.3

While changing keymap can be an easy operation on Workbench 2.x and newer, this is not the same on WB 1.3, especially with a single disk drive.

Here are the steps:

Procedure with single drive

Let’s say we want to use “en” keymap

From Workbench 1.3, open Shell and copy the copy command from DF0:C to Ram: with:

This procedure is necessary because the copy command cannot be reached when Extras disk is inserted on df0:

Once copy command is copied on Ram: and do this:

  1. Put Extras disk on df0:
  2. Type:

    copy df0:devs/keymaps/en to “”

Notice “” refer to current directory, i.e. Ram: Now:

  1. Put UNPROTECTED Workbench 1.3 disk on df0:
  2. Type:

    copy Ram:en to df0:devs/keymaps/
    setmap en

The setmap command will switch to en layout for the current session, however we want to save this layout for every workbench restart.

From the Shell, type:

Reach this line:

and change with en value.

Now press ESC and type ‘x’ for saving the modifies.

Restart workbench and enjoy with the new keymap!!

Procedure with two drives

From Shell type

Let’s say we want to use “en” keymap

Well, it was a bit simplier, ain’t ?

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