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  1. Hello I just love your program “Audio Pitch and Shift.
    Im a guitar teacher so here are my sugestions.

    1 – Make markers on the wave image (mp3) and short cuts to move around it.
    2 – Make a “Media library folder” with a Search engine for finding mp3 files. Add short cut to go to file folder.
    3 – Make short cut keys for “Pitch” and “Speed”. Add reset option
    4 – In the Picth create a fine tunnig option, I have some old vinyl records on mp3 and need fine tunning.

    Ive checked your Impulse media and didnt like it. As a guitar player I prefer the Audio PitchShit.


  2. Hello Mr. Toze,

    thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

    Actually we have many ideas under the hood, like creating a new lite player within a command line cross-platform player with pitch / speed and other options included.
    Since your opinion is really important to us, why you prefer Audio Pitch & Shift to Impulse Media Player ?

  3. Hello,
    I’d like to try WAMMP for pitching features
    do you provide installation kit ? the zip file does not work on my windows 10.
    thank you

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